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evilsqueendee written 11/12/07 1:57

My husband and I have a friend that we went to high school with. This friend, a musician, happens to play a smokin hot bass. He has taught me a lot about the music business and even how to play the bass a little. For that I thank him.

Currently, he plays bass for The Drugstore Cowboys. They are from the San Antonio area and they just released their third cd. ...DC3...

He and his sweetie Sunny invited us to the cd release party at the 11th Street Cowboy Bar in Bandera.

Sunny handles merchandising, selling tee-shirts and cd's for the band at their gigs.

I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to practice something I've always wanted to do ...shoot live shots of bands onstage. so, I packed up the camera and the extra batteries and we met up with the band in Bandera on halloween weekend!

We got to meet the band before they took the stage.

First, we met Dub Robinson. it's his guitar that is featured on the cd cover. The lead cut on this album was written by Dub. "How Lucky I Am" comes from an accident the band was in late one night returning home from a gig.

Dubs' son, W.J. Robinson, plays drums for the group. He is very accomplished at his craft, very smooth. I just wish I would have gotten a better shot of him.

David Kemp sings, plays guitar and a blows a mean harmonica.
Daves' little ditty "Hey Hey Hey" is too cool cool cool.

Steve Mallet has three songs on the cd. two that moved me to tears.

"Sea Level" and "Land Llocked" both instantly took me back to a vivid memory I have of returning to the coastal bend area of the gulf coast. I'll never forget crossing the Copano Bay causeway and the smell of the salty sea air filling my lungs after being gone way too long. I must apologize to Steve.

 I didn't get a solo shot of him. I did get him in a group shot. That's him there at the far end. Sorry steve. I owe you "Dos Tacos De Chorizo, Por Favor".

We were also introduced to Jan Zerda. I had heard Jans' song "The Bird Has Flown" before it came out on this cd and it was nice to finally meet her in person. For such a tiny girl she has a full rich velvety quality to her voice. that song is one that stays in my head long after the cd's been turned off.

Last but not least, in my humble opinion, they have the very best bass player there is. Tiny Stich.

He even sings. A total package! What more could you ask for? except, more, please!

Of course, it was halloween weekend so The Drugstore Cowboys' song "Don't Wake Up The Monster" was totally appropriate for the costume contest and floor show. There were cowboys, gunslingers,long'erns and ropetricks.

I really like this San Antonio made cd of original Texas boot scootin' good times music and I want to thank all of The Drugstore Cowboys for letting me practice my papparazzi skills on them. I hope the flash firing constantly wasn't too much of a distraction.

I really learned a lot about shooting at night and against the lights on stage and I really enjoyed the show and the opportunity. I think I got a few shots that were worth the trip. I just hope they like them too.

I would also like to thank my husband for carrying me way cross Texas! I love you.


ps...If you need me I'll be at the "Circle B and R"