We strive to keep your interest in our music by presenting a diversity of styles [Country/classic and modern, R&B, Blues, acoustic, contemporary pop, and even a little Bluegrass with a common thread - Good writing, vocals and production.The influences on this Cd are deep-rooted and sincere. We've been stewing in this Texas cauldron for many,many years and I really hope it shows! Buy your copy here:
Four vocalists and three songwriters combine along with powerful versatile rhythm section performing original compositions rooted in guitar driven Texas country, R&B, tejano, and rock and roll guaranteed to keep you interested to the end . Read one fans' review here.  Buy your copy here:
  • I Just Wanna Be Left Alone
  • Shades (listen)
  • If I Can't Have Him (nobody else can)
  • Consequences
  • Formula for Success (listen)
  • Catch 22 (listen)
  • Begging You Back
  • Bomb's Away
  • Fair Enough
  • Fair Enough blues "Live at Floores"
Featuring vocalist Jan Zerda, these well crafted songs that are difficult to cubby hole into a distinct country genre.The songs deal with love gone wrong, sunglasses, tequila and the threat of gunfire. The Drugstore Cowboys play rock'n'roll tempered country with touches of twang. This is the kind of music that keeps industry types off balance-and the band going long after the "next big thing" is back frying burgers."
A special treat on this album is the country dance tune "That's Fair Enough" re-recorded as a blues tune retitled as "Fair Enough Blues" recorded "Live" at the Famous Texas Dancehall "Floores Country Store".
  • Hotter Than The Flame (listen)
  • Are These The Lips
  • Jeannie In A Bottle(listen)
  • Kamikaze Heart (listen)
  • The back of Your House
  • Gonna Honky Tonk (listen)
  • Why Me
  • Boogie Woogie Barn Dance (listen)
  • Grey Skies Blue Memories
  • Music Box Dancer
  • Which Way's Her Heart Gonna Turn
Songs of love and love lost, along with plenty of boogie woogie and honky tonkin. Singer/Songwriter Winston James "Dub" Robinson delivers plenty of guitar driven Texas country,  guaranteed to keep you interested to the end.