The Drugstore Cowboys are celebrating their 40th year in business in 2012 by releasing their 4th Cd in 4 decades, hence the name "DC4Decades". There have been numerous singles, trax on compilaions, and even an unreleased album as well. Hope the 2 inch tape is still good! Still love me some vinyl. I have been blessed to stay in business this long and doubly blessed to have been working and recording with Jan Zerda for the last 16 years. She is lead singer/rythm guitarist of The DSC and the featured singer of our "Shades" CD, circa 1995. The CD still holds up well. On our "DC4Decades" she sings 5 trax that were written by me. I feel honored to have her sing my tunes, need I say more..... I sing the remaining trax and pick a little guitar on the final track. The influences on this Cd are deep-rooted and sincere. We've been stewing in this Texas cauldron for many,many years and I really hope it shows!
Four vocalists and three songwriters combine along with powerful versatile rhythm section performing original compositions rooted in guitar driven Texas country, r&b, tejano, and rock and roll guaranteed to keep you interested to the end.
Songs that are difficult to cubby hole into a distinct country genre that deal with love gone wrong, sunglasses, tequila and the threat of gunfire. The Drugstore Cowboys play rock'n'roll tempered country with touches of twang. This is the kind of music that keeps industry types off balance-and the band going long after the "next big thing" is back frying burgers." A special treat on this album is the country dance tune "That's Fair Enough" re-recorded as a blues tune retitled as "Fair Enough Blues" recorded "Live" at the Famous Texas Dancehall "Floores Country Store" In fine Texas fashion, the songs deal with love gone wrong, sunglasses, tequila and the threat of gunfire. Drugstore Cowboys play rock'n'roll tempered country with touches of twang
This CD was recorded in the early 90's and is the first completed Drugstore Cowboys CD. [There's an unfinished one in the can from the late 70's] With cuts from 3 different studios: Cut and Putt in Perdenales, Texas Sound in Tyler and Emerald in San Antonio as well as the fine work of some of San Antonios best musicians, this collection of songs by Robinson still hold up to this day and are still requested at The DSC live performances. These tunes were recorded without the use of an autotune and in fact the Tyler cuts were recorded on two inch tape. It was quite an endevour considering the band was recording while playing five or six nights a week, driving to Tyler, recording fifteen hours straight, sleeping three or four, recording another twelve or thirteen hours, then driving back to San Antonio in time to play another string of gigs. No one said it would be easy. Honky-Tonks, Hard Livin', Heartaches, High Times, Head cases, Hell of a CD!